The Midwife provides an antenatal clinic at the surgery on Thursdays, between 9.15am and 1pm. She is based at the Mary Stanley Wing at Bridgwater Hospital (tel: 01278 444517), and a message can be left for her at the maternity unit or via the surgery.

Pre-Pregnancy Advice

If you are thinking of becoming pregnant, you may wish to consider the following suggestions to ensure a healthy and safe pregnancy:

  • Take Folic Acid for 3 months before any planned pregnancy, or start a soon as possible. This should be continued until the 13th week of pregnancy. Folic Acid may be obtained from chemists or health food stores.
  • Try to get fit and lose any excess weight.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Eat a sensible diet.
  • De-stress!
  • Check family history for the possibility of any inherited problems.
  • Check your Rubella status. (A blood test can be arranged at the surgery)

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Antenatal Care

Antenatal care is vital to the well being of yourself and your baby. The following is a guide to your antenatal checks. The Midwife offers a flexible service and will be happy to see you more frequently if there is a need.

There are two options of care available. These will be discussed at your first antenatal appointment

  • Midwife Led Care - Details in table below
  • Consultant Led Care - Available for women who may have problems during their pregnancy.

Please make your antenatal appointments through the surgery

No of Weeks Pregnant Appointment With: Why/What For
9-12 Weeks Midwife History taking, Midwife booking
12-14 Weeks Hospital Dating Scan
16-18 Weeks Midwife Double test
20 Weeks Hospital Anomaly Scan
22 Weeks Midwife Ensure foetal wellbeing
28 Weeks Midwife/Hospital Bloods for glucose, check for anaemia.
Discuss parenting classes
31-32 Weeks GP* Blood results, check growth of Baby
Start Parenting Classes
34 Weeks Midwife/Hospital Blood samples (not necessary for everyone)
Parenting Classes
36 Weeks Midwife Position of Baby
38 Weeks Midwife Check hospital appointment is made
39 Weeks Midwife/GP Position of Baby
40 Weeks Midwife Check hospital appointment made for 40/41 week appointment

Blood pressure, urine and foetal wellbeing are checked at each visit. Any problems or anxieties can be discussed at any time with the Midwife.

* When making appointment to see the doctor, please inform the receptionist that appointment is for antenatal check

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